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Teens with Adhd need coaching to manage poor organizational skills, time management, self image and worth, social skills, and motivation.

Young tired and stressed student working

This is where they are, and they think it's their fault. They think they are stupid and that they can't do anything right. 

Sad young man with worried stressed face
Teens & Library

Let's get them as close to this as possible. It's our jobs as parents. I'll help you get there

Intro package-  $199


4 sessions, 30 min with your teen via Zoom


Sessions include:


* Finding character strengths to finally change negative self image.


* Digging deep on struggles and collaborating on solutions.


* Managing time, productivity, motivation, projects, and schoolwork.


* Discover what type of learner your child is to create the best environment to understand and retain information.


* Creating a full understanding of ADHD to change the negative narrative!  


* Exercise and Nutrition support.


Worried your teen won't be onboard? Give me 10 minutes in a video chat to introduce myself.  

"Hanna has FINALLY helped me find strategies to help me study more effectively!"   Hannah G, 17

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