Aside from medication, The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends pediatricians prescribe parent training as the first line of defense in managing ADHD 

Adhd and Me Kids Support Group

Ages 9-11  

Parent Training Group Coaching  

Via Zoom-Join other parents just like you for a 

4 week program 2x a week - 49$


One on One Private Coaching

Tailored to your family's struggles

4 sessions, 2 with parent 2 with child-  $179 per household for all sessions 



On Demand Coaching

Real time help, immediate advice, getting through the meltdowns, holding you up, walking you through.

18$ per call/text or purchase a package below On demand coaching is up to  20 minutes per session via FT or text.



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Imagine, your kiddo is having a fit and you aren't sure how to manage the situation and help is just a text or Facetime away!

Real time advice, speed coaching at your fingertips!

Solutions -  Strategies -   Systems -  Support

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