Aside from medication, The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends pediatricians prescribe parent training as the first line of defense in managing ADHD. 

Your child's Adhd is not         your fault! 


We aren't taught how to be good parents, let alone good parents to neuro diverse kids.

You need to learn what is typical child behavior, and what are common ADHD behaviors.

It starts with you. The parents' behavior needs to change to the circumstances, not the child. It is our job now as parents, to step up for them. 

Good lord I know how hard this is!

Only YOU, have the power to change the outcome for your child.


There are things that you can do! 


There are simple tools you can implement to change the entire dynamic of your home.

I will help you to help your family. Your kids need you, and YOU need support. Whether I coach you or not!

GET EXCITED! With parent training things are about to change!

It is NEVER too late to make lasting change for your child,

                for yourself, and for your whole family.  


             My name is Hanna Forrest.


I am a certified ADHD expert and coach for parents, and their children. 

I have ADHD, grew up struggling with it,

and I am raising a child with it. I get it.                                          I understand.

Some call ADHD a disability, 

     I say ADHD children have 


         Solutions -  Strategies -   Systems -   Support

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