Strong Bodies, Strong Minds





The  American Academy Pediatrics recommends pediatricians prescribe

 Parent Training along with medication for optimal results in managing Adhd in your child.

Well, It's here!    Nov. 1st 7:00 EST via Zoom

Parent Training 2x a week, for 4 weeks only$49!

Via Zoom

How to change and manage-

  • Behavior issues- defiance, self control, ODD

  • Social struggles

  • Attention, working memory, task follow through

  • IEP and 504 navigation 

and much more!   

    Register Online at

Kids Club 1x a week for 4 weeks only $49!

Ages 6-8 and 9-11

Via Zoom

  • Managing Emotions

  • Skills for focus

  • Skills for self control

  • Making Friends and communication

And more!

This is a support group where your child is with other kids with Adhd and where they finally don't feel alone!     

     Register online at

Take a photo of this flyer and reach out! Hanna Forrest  843-810-8194

 ADHD and ME  is built upon evidence based coaching and protocols derived only from notable researchers- (Russell Barkley) and doctors- (Ed Hallowell MD, John Ratey MD), my own training through ADDCA, my lifelong battle with ADHD, and raising an exceptional ADHD child.