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My name is Hanna Forrest, and I am an ADHD coach with ADHD. To your kids, I am coach Banana!


Important stuff first-

  I have worked with children aged 2 - 16 for     over a decade. It is my personal and professional mission to help, and support as many children AND THEIR FAMILIES as I can, to avoid the inevitable pitfalls that await.

  • I am trained through ADDCA which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

  • I am a Parent2Parent Certified Instructor through CHADD

  • I was the former Center Director for Brain Balance.
  • I was the former Director of Coaching for Soccer Shots.

  • I have numerous certifications in nutrition

  •  (furnished upon request)

  • Fully background checked and approved.

  • I do not diagnose clients but I can direct you to clinicians that can.

  • Emotional and physical safety of children is my top priority.


I am a mother of three and I have struggled with ADHD for my entire life- but now, I am thriving with it. So can you, and more importantly, so can your kids. I have a child with ADD/ODD as well, so I TOTALLY get the struggle, it's real.  

The statistics on outcomes of children who don't get the right support are grim, too grim. Harvard University and the Journal of Pediatric Psychology has some published articles that may leave you aghast.  



I created ADHD and ME to fill in the gaps of support where I learned it was lacking. Children aren't being taught about their ADHD in a safe and fun environment. Through ADHD and ME, we create self awareness, which in turn, creates a sense of normalcy, and control over their struggles with ADHD.


"Hanna is AMAZING with children! Her energy and enthusiasm for working with children is a real treasure! The children whom she coached glowed with excitement and were always looking forward to their next session with Coach Banana!"

- Matt Anderson, Owner Soccer Shots Metro North Boston

In The


    The 4 Week   program-ADHD and ME is on its way!

For 6-8 yr olds

Nov 8  

9-11 yr olds Nov9

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