Research shows that exercise and support groups for children increases focus and self worth 2 primary areas of concern for parents with children that struggle with ADHD. 

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For your child, ADHD and ME  Kids Club is a Zoom program designed and shown to:
  • Increase self worth, and self awareness. 
  • Develop self control under stress, how to recognize and manage impulses, how to self calm and gain understanding of how their parents feel.
  • Gain a full understanding and acceptance of their ADHD.
  • Give them practical and easy to implement tools to apply themselves.
Your child NEEDS a support system with a coach and an  ADHD friend group to help them understand that they have great strengths, and that aren't "stupid" or just "bad" children.

Our program is a strengths- based, children's enrichment course that combines exercise routines, nutrition coaching and an ADHD education support group that empowers children with their diagnosis. 

The Program:

A 4 week virtual PRIVATE group of children ages 6-8 

or 9-12, via Zoom.

Children get together once a week for a  40 minute ADHD fun workout, and support group chat.


Children will get to know other kids who struggle in a similar way, gain self control, and confidence.

*In person/school enrichment program includes workouts. Some theme examples for the 6-8 yr

  • Farm

  • Space

  • Ocean

  • Jungle

  • Among Others!


*Workouts not held over zoom, support group runs for a total of 40 minutes.


* One on One private program for your child is available​!

I cannot stress enough how important exercise is for your child's neurology, not just for their body. “Think of exercise as medication for the ADHD brain"
- John Ratey, M.D., an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.
Bursts of activity elevates the brain’s dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels. These brain chemicals affect focus and attention, which are in short supply in those with ADHD.
 15-20 min of exercise can produce up to 4 hours of focus!

The Right Support:
There is nothing out there that brings children together who feel so differently from other kids,
Until Now!
ADHD and ME is about inclusion, empowerment, education, and self awareness. Your kids will learn about what ADHD is, and what it isn't.
We will talk about their struggles and strengths, and provide ways that children can feel like they are in control of themselves in a safe, fun, and non judgmental space.  A strong sense of self is such a struggle for kids with ADHD. Watching that grow, and  to empower them is my  passion!

 ADHD and Me is designed based on this Harvard  University research:


"Aside from medication, there is a gold standard in the treatment of ADHD/ADD": 

  • Parent Training

  • Exercise

  • Nutrition and Supplements

  • The Right Educational and Emotional Support

     Do you know what the       number one thing children   have said that they want   others to know about their   ADHD? 


That "they don't mean to be bad" and that "they wish people understood".

YOU can help change this for your child!

Starts November 8th!

Kids for Peace
Week 1- Struggles and Strengths
Identifying and accepting how they struggle and finding their individual strengths, acceptance of their Adhd.
Week 2- Managing Emotions Skills for anger, outbursts, and frustration. Self soothing                
Week 3- Skills for Focus   Attention, and listening.
Week4- Skills for Self Control managing impulses,  making good decisions.
Week5- Taking Ownership of making routines and creating habits. Let's Eat! (Nutrition for Adhd Education)
Week 6- Friends and Communication - how to appropriately interact socially.


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"Hanna truly cares for every child she serves. Her energy and enthusiasm match her ability to care for children. She is passionate about children and will do whatever it takes to make sure your child leaves better than when she met them."

-Joey Gorman, Owner Soccer Shots, CHS