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Defiance and Anger

Getting your child to do chores and create routines. Appropriate discipline strategies based on child development and Adhd

Sibling Relationships

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Tools for you to guide your child through school anxiety. Homework strategies!

How to advocate for your child.

How to navigate the IEP and 504 Process.

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How to Create Self Esteem in Your Child.

Teach Your Child How to Self Soothe.

How to Build Resiliency in Your Child.




How to make and keep friends. 

Managing verbal impulsivity, social cues. How to help your child navigate real world socials scenarios.

        Welcome to: Conquering Adhd Behaviors

This comprehensive parent training program has been created with evidence based strategies, backed by scientific research, and delivered by Adhd Specialist Hanna Forrest.

Get Excited! Your whole family's life is about to permanently change for the better!

This is a 6 week Zoom training program with a free bonus Zoom Kids Club!

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When your child joins our free

Adhd Support Group they learn~

According to The American Academy

of Pediatrics.....

Aside from medication, parent training is the number one recommendation for managing Adhd in your child.

  • Social skills

  • Identifying their Strengths


  • How their parents and siblings feel


  • How to Self Soothe/Calm learning impulsivity control


  • That there are many kids just like them!



Kids Club Ages

Ages 6-11

Loving Son

A little About Me

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With over a decade of experience, Hanna has transformed the lives of parents and their children, helping them to live calmer, more structured lives through her innovative programming. Growing up, Hanna struggled with combined type Adhd and has a daughter with Adhd. Hanna's life goal is to help as many children as possible feel understood and accepted, and to give unconditional support to the caregivers of these terrific children.


Hanna's expertise in ADHD Behavior Management and her unwavering  dedication to the wellbeing of children with ADHD sets her above as an exceptional practitioner.

Hanna is a certified Adhd Coach and an Adhd Behavior Parent Trainer through CHADD and ADDCA and she is an Executive Function Coach with Parallel Learning. Hanna has leadership experience as the the former Director of Brain Balance, and as a Neurofeedback Technician with SYMMETRY Neuro -Pathway Training. Her extensive knowledge of neurodiversity and experience in the field  is reflected in the significant results her program delivers.   

"Hanna has given my family a deep understanding of my son's Adhd and how to help him."    

~ Patrick J, WI 

"The tools were easy to implement

and the results were tangible. This

has made a huge difference in my son and our whole family!"    

~ Jennifer L, TX

What Pj has to say about

     coach Banana!

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                    Conquering Adhd Behaviors Starts   Feb, 13th!  


What's Included:


6 x 1 hour 


Live coaching sessions with real time Q and A 


6 x 30 min


Kids' Club Support Group PLUS Weekly text support






 "In just 2 coaching sessions we have been able to sit and watch a show together as a family. This hasn't happened in 5 years" - Alice, SC

                Register You and Your Child Below!













Private Coaching

   One on One coaching for your whole family tailored to your needs.

Strategies that significantly improve:


  • Meltdowns!

  • Schoolwork/Homework 

  • Morning Routines

  • Bedtime Routines

  • Dinner Time

  • Transitions

  • Extended Family Relationships​

4 Sessions 45min  

8 Sessions 45min  


Behavior Management Basics: $79

1 hr Personalized Solutions for your Household  


This is your ultimate beginner's guide to understanding how Adhd affects your child's behavior and how to manage it. You will come away with strategic solutions tailored to your family's needs that you can implement immediately. Learn why it's so difficult for your child to control their emotions and how to avoid meltdowns from starting. 


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