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I will train you, I will guide you,

I will help you and I will support you and your child!

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Defiance and Anger

Getting your child to do chores and create routines. Learn what is Adhd behavior and what isn't. 

Sibling Relationships

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Tools for teachers- And for you to guide your child through school anxiety. 

How to advocate for your child.

The IEP and 504 Process.

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How to Create Self Esteem in Your Child.

Teach Your Child How to Self Soothe.

How to Build Resiliency in Your Child.




How to make and keep friends. 

Managing verbal impulsivity, social cues. How to help your child navigate real world socials scenarios.

"The Tools were easy to implement

and the results were tangible. This

has made a huge difference."   

~ Jennifer L, TX

"Hanna has given my family a deep understanding of my son's Adhd and how to help him."    

~ Patrick J, WI 

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Aside from medication, parent training is the number one recommendation for managing Adhd in your child.

When your child joins our free

Adhd Support Group they learn~

  • Social skills

  • Identifying their Strengths


  • Exactly how their brains work


  • How to Self Soothe


  • That there are many kids just like them!

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